Dva Collective Agreement

An employee`s salary is determined by a certain margin of pay. If an employee`s contribution and performance are compatible with the respective performance descriptor, their salary can increase by increasing performance to the top of their pay field. The size of the increase is added up using a high-performance payment grid that provides indicative increases for each level of performance and by salary level. The performance payment grid is available in both the SAM and the collective agreement. o) This hourly average agreement is automatically renewed every April 1 of each year for the duration of the following fiscal year. The goal is to include agreements between Canadian nuclear laboratories and the Professional Institute of Public Service of Canada regarding the Chalk River Professional Employees Group (CRPEG) on issues complementary to the collective agreement. (c) all deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the institute and society. (g) If the parties agree to present evidence to the arbitrator during an oral proceeding, the arbitrator makes an oral decision that is recorded and initial by the representatives of the parties present at the oral proceedings. This oral decision is confirmed in writing by the arbitrator within five (5) working days following the oral procedure. Contracting parties may, at the request of the arbitrator or by written agreement, amend the provisions of this section.

(d) “income eligible for disability pension”: basic earnings; that the employer received during the year of the plan, including the basic salary, the lump sum salary, the continuous work bonus, the 40/42 hour work bonus, long-term salary, continuing preparation pay, liability bonus, post office turnover bonus and all other payments considered eligible for pension under the current collective agreement, excluding unused leave payments, overtime pay, bonuses, commissions, allowances, other special allowances and cash value of benefits 5. A leave of more than eight (8) weeks may be carried out with the explicit voluntary consent of the company and the employee. The agreed leave period may be reduced either by the company concerned or by the worker concerned, by a period of thirty (30) working days, unless shorter notice is agreed upon by mutual agreement. Other specific conditions in this regard regarding the appointment of the Commission`s directors are outlined below. (d) The first average average is average in the year following the ratification of the CNL-PIPSC collective agreement for CRPEG. The subsequent average periods covered in the subsection (o) are an exercise. (g) This hourly agreement will come into force on the date of CRPEG`s ratification of the CNL-PIPSC collective agreement. (d) Quarterly, contract staff who provide engineering/science or business consulting services. The list shows the contractor`s name, start and end dates, and the responsible manager.

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