Mullaperiyar Agreement

Mr. Karunanidhi, Minister of Nadu, who died at the time, said that just after the Supreme Court announced its decision to create a commission, he had written to the President of the Congress asking the Centre to mediate between Kerala and Tamil Nadu on the Mullaperiyar issue. [53] However, the opposition leader at the time, the late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa, rejected the TN government`s approach. She said it would bring benefits to Kerala in this regard. Meanwhile, Kerala`s Minister of Water Resources, N. K. Premachandran, said the state should have the right to build, own, operate and maintain the new dam while giving water to Tamil Nadu on the basis of a clear agreement. He also informed the media that former Supreme Court Justice K.

T. Thomas will represent Kerala in the Supreme Court panel. [55] In the second half of the 19th century, a 999-year lease was signed by Vishaakam Thirunal Rama Varma -Maharaja of Travancore – and the British Foreign Minister for India. In 2010, as part of a new attempt at mediation, the Supreme Court established a five-member plenipotentiary committee to examine the various concerns of states. With both sides awaiting the commission`s report, a series of low-intensity earthquakes rocked Idukki in 2011. According to Kerala media, the earthquakes had caused cracks on the surface of the dam. This led to national protests calling for the dam to be closed. Protests have become violent in many parts and have deteriorated relations between the two states. And kerala has the question of the fairness of the lease. Therefore, the lease signed in 1886 was unfair and challenged its validity in the Supreme Court.

Kerala drew attention to the injustice of the 1886 lease and questioned its validity. However, the safety problems of the 119-year-old dam for Kerala`s security in the event of a dam failure have been at the centre of the clashes since 2009.

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