Schweige Agreement

A confidentiality agreement, including the declaration of confidentiality, confidentiality agreement, confidentiality agreement, NDA (non-disclosure agreement) or CDA (abk. for engl. confidential disclosure agreement), is a contract that does not speak of negotiations, negotiations or confidential documents. The obligation to keep secret information made available to it. Unlike industrial secrecy, which is enshrined in law, the confidentiality agreement is free. “Everything shut up, everyone`s inclined” in The Oxford Companion to German Literature “Research: “Everything is silent, everyone bows” in Oxford Reference “I still feel like I`m integrating this 49-day retreat and still trying to find words to do what happened. Never before have I gone so deep into “nothingness” and seen that there was nothing to do. Nothing special happened, but it was so special! Thank you for giving this opportunity. ” – Severin The 49-day meditation service begins with participating in and remembering a 10-day meditation retreat of Hridaya Silent Meditation Retreat. After this intense leadership phase, the practitioner moves in a solitary configuration, supported by Sahajananda with personalized practical advice.

Please note that we strongly recommend planning at least one additional week before and after retirement to allow for acclimatization and reintegration. “During the 49 days of retreat, I had time to find myself… Separated from technology and great distractions, nothing prevented me from dealing with the question: who am I? I now have a clear understanding of myself and my connection to the universe. I approach life with a sense of tranquility that has eluded me in the past. Thank you very much. I want to do it again! – Janet If you want to use our texts and translations, click here for more information. Confidentiality declarations are often signed as part of patent negotiations in the licensing process. Signing a confidentiality agreement comes before the development of the licensing agreement, as this can only be done after sensitive data disclosures.

Another application applies to confidentiality agreements in the event of a business acquisition or merger. Meditating alone in the room was a very different experience than being in a yoga room with others.

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